Thursday, August 27, 2009

WOW. Check out HandmadeMN's Team Blog!

Hey team! Rhonda (OddArtist) is moving back to the Sacramento area shortly. (T-minus job situations clearing up), and she is a member of HandmadeMN, an AMAZING team out in Minnesota. Please take a moment to peep their awe-inspiring blog:

They have lots and lots of members, so they categorize them on the left hand side. They also have contests, and a rad logo, and a really cool mini social network of their very own on Ning (not available for public viewing, but I checked it out as a visitor).

I think these things will be great guidelines for us as we grow. First thing's first at this point- make stuff for the holidays! Since we have a few more blog contributors now, I'm looking forward to some good stories/tips/tricks/general info we can all use moving forward.


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