Thursday, August 27, 2009

15th Annual Holiday Craft Fair, Nov. 17th- Dec. 12th

Hey ladies! I have been emailing IndieSacramento and Cindy of the Craft Connection to find out about upcoming shows. The Holiday Craft Fair is really cool because fees are low AND you don't have to be there to man your booth all the time. See details by downloading the pdf here:

Also, Cindy sent me a pdf of her quarterly newsletter about craft shows. There are roughly a million of them. ;) I am not sure if putting this google docs link will work, so let me know. Check it out: Some of them have passed, but many are for Oct/Nov. If everyone could please take a look and decide if there are any in particular that look good to you, post it here or convo me (trucdart) & perhaps we can organize and go to some together! Yay!



Rhonda said...

Thanks for the app links - I think I'm going to apply to the Craft Fair you mentioned. I will only have to be there 3 times (other than set up and tear down) and since I'm not sure when/where/if I'll be working this will be perfect!

Sarah said...

The Craft Fair looks really good. I'm interested in this one, too!

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