Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How-To 3

Hello All, I hope you are doing well on this rainy May evening.
I know it's not Saturday, and I could just wait to post until then, but chances are I will forget and so -It's Tuesday and today we will have a how-to(ish) post. :)
This upcoming weekend in my daughter's 4th birthday - she's super excited and we're having a tea party(juice and cupcakes) to celebrate. With the day coming quickly,I find myself perusing girly themed Etsy stores quite often in the hours of the night when I should be promoting my own space or knitting, but I do believe that part of being an Etsy seller, is supporting other Etsy sellers where I can and I found such a cute little shop while I was browsing for goody bag items for the tea party guests:

See those??! They're paper cakes!!!! - each triangle is a slice of cake shaped box that is perfect for packing those goody items. Anyway - I think they're great and I thought I'd share - the seller was amazing and responded to my purchase and asked color questions and such directly - my package was shipped the next day and made it to my house in 3 days - absolutely lovely. She is the kind of seller that I hope I can be when I make customized sales one of these days!!!!

Along with the paper boxes, I have started making a bunch of tissue paper flowers. I've made these same kind of flowers previously for a friend's wedding, and this time I'm making them not only because I think they're cute, but also because I'm trying to be frugal in planning a party for a 4 year old and they are definitely on the low end of expenses....a pack of tissue paper at Target costs about $1.50 and will make 24- 5" flowers, which makes them all of about $0.07 each when you add the price of the pipecleaners used to make the stems...- absolutely lovely :)

You can find a proper How-To on these flowers here:


but I wanted to share a few pictures of my flower making fun, so thanks for taking the time to read my post, I hope if nothing else, it makes you want to make some paper flowers, or order a cake!

If you're in need of a fun way to package your Etsy items when shipping, these flowers might be a fun way to add little extra padding while making your shipment all the more memorable!


Rachel said...

Thank you so very much for posting about my paper cake and your very kind words!!! :) Absolutely made my day! :) www.rachelaakmama.etsy.com

Hence72 said...

hi, pleased to meet you

loving your blog

come pay a visit sometime

Jen Dwyer said...

I always wondering how to make those... I also like the idea of using the flowers as packaging!

Annette - Dazzling Dogz said...

Great blog. I agree with you about supporting other Etsy sellers. I just recently ordered a custom dog clothing item for my dog from another Etsy seller. I really enjoyed finding out about those paper cakes - what a clever idea! Also, your idea about using tissue flowers as packaging is a good one.

Betty Atkins Dominguez said...

This brings back memories. Thanks for sharing

john said...

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