Friday, April 2, 2010

What's old is new again: Bags, baskets, pockets and more

People have been making 'something' to carry things in ever since time began. What was the first container? We'll probably never know, but it was most likely out of some kind of natural materials like leather (an animal skin) or a netting of grasses or twigs (a basket). Once that first ingenious person figured out to make a container, I wouldn't be surprised if she (I'm willing to bet it was a woman) decorated it to be more attractive or just to identify it as hers.

What do you use to carry or store things? There are so many options! Baskets, bags, boxes, purses, bins, pockets, etc. I've often given boxes, tote bags or baskets to friends or family. And people seem to like to buy these things too - I wonder why that is? Are we just being organized? Is there some kind of psychological meaning? Putting our love in a box and giving it to the other person? Or is it compartmentalizing?

Just curious.....


triacme said...

hi its simple to think but it is also one of the most important thing in our life.......its true..

bluebicicletta said...

I have acquired a whole fleet of canvas tote bags---they just seem to keep appearing---I've gotten them as a gift for being part of a craft show, from other crafters, from family. I love using them for just about anything---you pretty much never see me without one. I also love small boxes and other containers (ceramics, tins, etc). I think they play into my interest to organize things and collect things!


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