Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Interview Wednesdays: PurdyThings

Hello there! It's Nicole from BlueBicicletta, and I'm back with the first SactoMetro Etsian interview of 2010. Yay! Before I forget, as always, we are trying to post up interviews with each and every member of the SactoMetro Etsy Team, so if you haven't submitted your interview yet, please visit this post.

Today, we get to take a peek into the creative life of Becky from PurdyThings. Without further ado, here we go!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm Becky, and my shop is PurdyThings, I'm in Rocklin, Ca. To sum me up in once sentence would be to say that I am without a doubt quirky.

When you aren’t crafting, what else are you up to?

When I'm not crafting, I'm busy being mom, kissing owies, making meals, cleaning house, reading, and thinking of new designs and ideas.

What first inspired you to become a crafter/artisan?

My grandma and my mom, my grandma can do just about any craft there is, and my mom makes some of the most beautiful jewelry I've ever seen.

Describe your creative process. What do you do to get inspired? How
do you make your pieces, when do you work on them, what materials do you use?

I wouldn't so much say I have a process.. I just sit down and do it. Sometimes I need inspiration to get motivated... so I will sit with my collection of buttons and find one that speaks to me and make something to go with it. Sometimes after a big rush I'll loose my inspiration, so I will make something I've never made before, or I'll work on a new design and the thrill of creating something new brings my creativity back to life. I've set my prices based on my time, and materials. I use yarn all kinds, and buttons, vintage buttons, vintage inspired buttons, fun buttons... I have a serious button addiction.

What handmade possession do you most cherish?

I have quite a few from many family members. But the one I cherish the most is an afghan that my grandma made for me. It's so intricate and beautiful, and it took her a year to make it, and she crochets fast like I do. She is the one who taught me to crochet.

Name your top 3 books, movies, musical groups and websites.

Books: I love the Twilight series, The Case for series by Lee Strobel, and the Bible.

Music: AFI, Andy Frank (you tube him.. it's Christian music but his voice is powerful no matter what he sings) and Keith Urban

Websites: Facebook, Etsy (duh), and (it's a good laugh)

What piece of Etsy advice can you give your fellow team members that has been most helpful to you so far?

Be confident in your skill.

How do you promote your Etsy shop/products?

Twitter is HUGE for me, Facebook ( I have a fan page with over 350 fans), and word of mouth.

What is your ultimate goal with your Etsy shop(s)/crafting/artwork?

My ulimate goal is to sell 5 items a day. :D

Where can we find you online?

Facebook Fan Page

Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us Becky, and thanks to everyone for reading! And remember, if you haven't submitted your interview yet, visit
this post.


Trucdart said...

Thank you for posting this, Nicole! It was great to learn more about you, Becky!

Becky said...

Thank you Nicole!!! :)

maleaab said...

Hahaha! I ***LOVE*** the picture with the chocolate strawberry hat with ear flaps. Is that one of your kids? Too cute!

Becky said...

Thanks!! No it's not my daughter.. it's my friends daughter, she's a doll!! My daughter is in some of my pictures on Etsy, she's 5. :)

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