Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Interview Wednesdays: New Directions

Hello everyone! This is Nicole from Blue Bicicletta, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are gearing up for a spectacular new year.

Well, you guessed it---it's interview Wednesday! Sadly, I have no interviews! Imagine that! I think we might have some very shy members of the SactoMetro Etsy Street Team. Don't be afraid--we'd just love to hear about you and your creative life! As I've mentioned before, we would like to do an interview with each and every member of the SactoMetro Etsy Street Team, so please check out this post to submit yours.

Since this series of posts is a venue for questions and answers, I thought I would take this opportunity to pose an interview question to all of you, specifically, about the coming new year.

Do you have any new directions or projects in the works for the coming year?

Maybe it's just a glimmer in your mind right now, or maybe you've already put something in motion and are excited to see the outcome in 2010. I'm not much of a New Year's Resolution maker, but I do find a lot of excitement and energy in the turn of the year---so many new possibilities! Share your new possibilities here to inspire us all!

I'll share mine in the comments section too! Happy New Year!


bluebicicletta said...

I'm excited to finish and get printed two little illustrated books I've been working on. I'm also excited just to see where I end up in this coming year, specifically with art, as I continue to figure out how to make a full-time income with a large portion (if not all) of my working time allotted to creative pursuits. Most of all, I'm excited to see where my art takes me creatively. It has been a fun ride so far--I'm excited to keep riding the creative wave.

Trucdart said...

Way to go, Nicole! Good luck with your books, can't wait to see them. Also, that's a great photo of chemtrails. (Secretive aerial spraying- google it)

Funny you should ask, I have a very specific project for the new year! I'll be creating at least one new piece of art every single day in 2010 and documenting the journey on this blog:

So I am super jazzed about that. Also I just watched that TED talk link you posted- FABULOUS. Thank you so much for sharing it! Happy New Year!


RandomHappenstance said...

Hello everyone!

I've recently started to expand my shop to include prints of some of my photographic works- that's my new project for the new year. If anyone wants to check it out and let me know what you think it would be much appreciated!

And Marianne- your art project sounds great, I'm looking forward to seeing what you produce! I've actually thought about doing a similar thing with photos.

-Laura (RandomHappenstance)

maleaab said...

Oh boy! I am sick today so if I ramble or don't make sense, please forgive me!

I have been thinking about this a lot and am torn between a few different ideas. I am also very busy trying to apply for every scholarship and grant I can find to pay for grad school next year. That is cutting into my creative time!

I definitely want to work on some cut paper and collage ideas. But, I'm also thinking about moving towards two shops. The problem is, I can't decide on a focus for each. I have too many ideas and not enough time to try them out and not enough space to store all the stuff I want to make.

Like Marianne, I want to do a project a day which is actually something I had started in August and got totally side tracked. I really need to refocus for 2010.

MrsT said...

Good question! I'm still trying to find my niche in the 21st century craft world so I tend to try and think of things that will cross centuries from the 19th to the 21st. I've already got fabric in my stash to make sunbonnets to sell at the April Trader's Faire at Sutter's Fort, and that will take up a good deal of time. I also have a pattern for a cloth cap that looks sort of like the newsboy style caps that you see in the stores now. I'm going to make a couple or 3 of those and see if they sell both at 2010 craft fairs and at the Trader's Faire - they're a man's cap for the mid-19th century. The other vendor who was importing them in hemp fabric has lost her source so I hope to take over that niche market. Mine will be of linen or cotton, not hemp.

My sister-in-law's brother and his wife make and sell small wooden signs with cute sayings ('Martha Stewart doesn't live here' and similar phrases) and other items of that type. Talking to them at Christmas I learned that items will "grandma" "nana" "dad" or "mom" on them sell really well. I've ordered some 'grandma' appliques and will sew them on a couple of my aprons and see if that helps them sell. Still need to find a source for the mom, dad and nana names though. Any ideas? I don't want to buy the individual letters and sew them on - takes too much time!

Are there any craft shows coming up in the Spring that I should be stocking up for?

Rhonda said...

New direction for the year - yeah, clean my damned craft room so I can use it! Ever since we moved in last October it was the room where you put stuff that needed to be dealt with but couldn't find a place to put it, kind of like a large closet or indoor garage. Then we acquired a kitty, and guess where the litter box went? The last straw was when I went in to clean the litter box and couldn't get to it because of all the junk hubby had put there when he cleaned his music room.
Yesterday I took everything out except crafting stuff and either stuck it in the *real* garage, hubby's room, or threw it away. I was actually able to vacuum! Today I unpack all the craft boxes and arrange my room so I can find what I'm looking for - like Christmas all over again!

I too would like to be apprised of craft shows early on, I'd like to line up 5 or 6 of the larger ones this year, then tuck in a bunch of smaller ones next fall. I'd like to see a calendar with application due dates on it...anyone?

Trucdart said...

Hey ladies! Excited to see all the creative energy planned for the new year! As far as craft calendars, check your email inboxes for the craft connection calendar I sent awhile back. It includes some 2010 dates; when it's updated for Q1 of 2010 I will give you a heads up (assuming Cindy gives me a heads up). :)


Annette - Dazzling Dogz said...

I bought a new digital camera with some Christmas gift money. I bought a Panasonic Lumix. So my main goal for 2010 is to learn how to use this camera to take better photos for my Etsy shop. January and the first part of February are busy times for me on non-craft stuff. I will continue to make scrunchies when I have time and then would like to do a couple Spring craft fairs. I also plan to check into the Doggie Dash in Sacramento in late Spring.

Good luck to everyone on your endeavors.


virtueknits said...

My goal is to improve my shop and expand to make headbands. I tried it out by making a headband for my daughter and it looked so cute. I also want to work on my selling, networking and marketing skills. Overall, I want to become a better business woman. I would love to be interviewed. I am also a student at Sac State.

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