Monday, August 31, 2009

Updates: Tags, FB, Twitter, Shows

Hey there everyone. Some emails have been going around about adding team tags to our items. Since this only benefits us when people know about our group, I'd say we can hold off on using up that vital tag space until we do some marketing as a team, which will be happening this fall.

Heike has been working on the fan page, apparently there was an issue naming it with "etsy" or "team" so we're going with SactoMetro Etsians, assuming that doesn't get rejected either. She'll update us soon.

Remember to convo PurdyThings if you want something tweeted. Becky's been doing a fabulous job.

Oh, also I imagine most of you were convo'd by the lady running marketing for Witchapalooza- this was posted earlier by Rachel I think. Booths are 10" x 10", $125, and can be shared. It's a bit pricey for me and they don't seem to have solid historical analytics on what demographics they're targeting and what kind of vendors will do best in this area because their only other show was in Utah. I think BerkanasGarden and GoddessintheGroove fit the theme best, but anything targeted towards kids old enough to go on rides might work too.

Also, I'd like to encourage everyone to check out the forums 1-2 days/week. I've learned a lot there- great resource for us as individuals and as a team.



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