Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did you know?!

Okay okay, I know, it's not Saturday, and I apologize. Only my second blog post and I'm running around and ignoring days of the week and proposed themes and such....which brings me back to:
Did you know?!
I just found out that you can search Etsy for local artists- or just by zip code or city....probably everyone else knows this - but I've just spent the last hour, quite happily enjoying the 5 PAGES of artists that live in Davis alone.....crazy that I can live in a town and only know 2 of these people and not realize even that they had etsy shops. Very Neat.
So, I just thought I would share how neat I found this. I will be quite busy busy Saturday and so will have to hold off on posting my "How-to" post until either late Saturday evening or Sunday. Stayed tuned though - I'm teaching a class on Magic loop, Toe up sock knitting on Saturday, so hopefully I will have some great pictures of socks-in-progress and happy new-sock knitters.


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