Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's next for everyone?

Hi everyone. I am Elizabeth with Pickle Doodle Designs, and this is my first blog entry. I thought I would get a discussion going about what we're all doing after the holidays. How are we all bouncing back from such a busy and draining season.

Please feel free to share anything and everything. I am escpecially interested to see if we're revamping our Etsy shops, selling at anymore craft fairs, or just hibernating.

I will unfortunately be attending a baby shower this Saturday and will miss the Regency Park Craft Fair. I would have loved to be in attendance but if all goes well I will be joining you all next year.

Can't wait to hear feedback for those of us who cannot attend!


maleaab said...

I will definitely be revamping my Etsy shop. :) I already am thinking about Valentine's Day and Easter and products for those holidays. Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to do more work in my favorite color: RED!!!

I also have some personal projects that I have been putting off in favor of working on Etsy-based projects. I've been wanting to collage a picture of my son similar to silhouette art that Victorians would hang on their walls. Basically I'm taking the silhouette idea and adding color and collage, as well as doing my son's full body, not just his profile portrait.

Anyone else?

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