Monday, October 12, 2009

30 posts in 30 days

So I had an idea this weekend. If I could post 30 new items in 30 days, would I sell more? Especially now that the holidays are ramping up and odds are Etsy will have more overall traffic.

I renew items at least 2-3 times/week, but somehow it seems like renewed items don't get as much traffic or views as new items do for me. I read about an Etsy "hack" where you can simply email the URL of a new listing to yourself at the last stage right before you click "finish", and then come back to it later and it should still be there and you can list it then.

Has anyone tried this? Would anyone else be down to try out "Project 30" with me? Just a thought. :)



maleaab said...

I have been thinking the same thing... I am down for a 30 day dealy-o. Maybe pick a start date? Are we going to keep track as a group or just individually?

Trucdart said...

I don't have any set plans yet, it just started as a whim. I plan to start this in either late oct or early nov (I just need a couple more weekends of production first, but asap to capitalize on holiday shopping) and then keeping track on my own. Then we can share results. What do you think?

maleaab said...

Monday, I plan to start this. My original goal with my shop was a project a day anyhow but I've slacked A LOT!

My goal will actually be minimum of 3 projects/day Mon-Fri with the weekends off since I have my regular job on Sat/Sun.

I think it would be great motivation to know someone else is thinking along the same lines.


Trucdart said...

Wow Malea, you seem as much of a busy bee as I am! Way to go. I really liked your blog post documenting your 2nd Saturday experience too, and your logo thing is awesome! Good luck!

maleaab said...

Well? Are you doing your 30 posts in 30 days??? I have 6 items to post and another 8 that are in the process of being pieced together.

cindyn said...

I'll do it too, and I mentioned your idea on The Craft Connection blog. Thank you for the inspiration and the motivation.

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