Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SactoMetro 2.0/Revised Membership List & Responsibilities

Hello, lovely ladies! A big thank you to everyone who responded to remain active with the team. Following please find an updated list of current, active member names, shops and their responsibilities:

Marianne, Trucdart:                          Team Owner/Organizer, Marketing, Team Coordination
Betty, StubbornWoman:                   Team Blog Contributor
Carol, BerkanasGarden:                   Recruiting new team members
Carol T., SkinEssentials:                   Craft Show Calendar
Rhonda, OddArtist/OddArtistToo:    Marketing/Etsy Forums
Maggie, MChristo:                           2nd Saturdays
Dina, FairyFelts:                               Scanning Craigslist
Rachel, MotherGooseAndGear:       Craigslist/Blog Contributor/Helping w/Facebook Fan Page
Amanda, NewJerseyTrash:               Team Blog Contributor
Sarah, Beadskinz:                             Team Thread in Etsy Forums on Wednesdays
Becky, PurdyThings:                         Team Twitter Account
Heike, GoddessintheGroove:             Facebook Fan Page
Malea, Maleaab:                               2nd Saturdays
Lisa, BlueGlassStudio/McKenzieArt: 2nd Saturdays

If you are not able to take on a responsibility at this time, you are not an active member. You are still welcome to come back whenever you can take on a minor role with us. These are posted at the bottom of the blog and you can convo trucdart or email if you have any questions or wish to re-join in the future. You'll always be welcome.



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