Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hello everyone! Some developments:

Becky is making us a Twitter account for the team. Lots of etsy teams have these already, and Becky and Betty successfully use them for marketing their individual shop specials and new items. If you are not on Twitter yet, please set up an account. This way we can be sure everyone is alerted of the same stuff. If you don't want to, that's fine. Not required. Convo PurdyThings if you have any questions about Twitter.

Heike is working on this for us. If you have any questions/suggestions, convo GoddessintheGroove. Heike, please let me know when this is done so we can start asking people to become fans.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who responded and took on a role! We now have lots of bases covered, and are off to a great start for the holiday season. I will be editing our member list on Etsy's master team page as well as the application process for people who want to join to make sure that everyone takes on a role and understands the rules for participating before joining.

I've just googled a whole bunch of craft show sites/announcements organizations, emailed Indie Sacramento to see what's up for their holiday show this year and how we can participate, and followed a couple of craft blogs that are local to us. I have also found a bunch of media outlets. I will be writing to these to encourage them to do stories covering why buy handmade & local this holiday season & always as we near the holidays and are a bit more organized as a team so that we can capitalize upon and track the success of our marketing efforts.

We should start using tags as our group grows. This is a common team practice. We can start doing this a little later on. Just a heads up on it, and if you see anything pertinent to that end in forums/blogs/elsewhere, please email me. Per the new rules, please add that you are a member of the SactoMetro Etsy Street Team to your shop announcement. Also please add a link to the team blog in your shop OR on your blog if you haven't already done so. Remember, the goal is to use the shop as a centralized way of marketing ourselves so that we can all benefit, so "building the brand" is the concept with tagging and advertising in this manner.

If anyone has any suggestions/questions in general, you are always welcome to convo trucdart or email marianne.bland@gmail.com. Thanks team!


Mother Goose and Gear said...

Oh no! I got too excited! Heiki- I will hand the facebook page over to you, I had volunteered a while back and didnt realize to volunteer again. If you have already created a page please let me know and I will delete the one that I just created and posted on the blog. Sorry for jumping the gun!

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